Healing Crystals – What Are They, And How Do They Work?


Today I have a guest post for you written by Anne Garvey.


If you hang around the Internet’s more spiritual corners for long enough, you’re bound to hear a lot about the benefits of crystals. Crystals are used in a number of ways to enhance and protect health, well being, and spirituality. Some people claim an affinity to a certain stone, while others use them more broadly. A great many people swear by crystals, claiming that these innocuous-seeming lumps of rock have hugely altered their lives for the better. However, if you’re new to the idea of using crystals, it can all be rather confusing. What are they? How do they work? How should you be using them? Here’s a quick guide:

What Are Crystals?

Crystals, scientifically speaking, are materials with a complex microscopic structure arranged in a lattice-pattern, which creates multi-faceted, beautiful solids. Not all the ‘crystals’ used for healing and spiritual purposes are, scientifically speaking, ‘crystals’, but the word in this context is used as a catch-all. Generally, the crystals used by spiritual practitioners are stones. Any stone can have spiritual properties, but some properties are more desirable than others. Amethyst, for example, is credited with enhancing creativity and dispersing negativity. These being highly desirable qualities, it is thus used more frequently than, say, granite, which is thought to balance out skepticism. Skepticism not being nearly as exciting to many as creativity, granite is not as frequently used, and you’re less likely to find it on the shelves of your local New Age store.



How Do They Work?

Quite how crystals do what they do is a matter of debate. Scientists will tell you that they don’t actually do anything, and any effect you experience from using them is simply a placebo. Others, however, are more open to alternative explanations. A popular theory runs that our bodies and minds are connected by a flow of energy. This flow runs at a certain frequency – a certain harmony, if you will. Everything in the universe emits and utilizes energy flows, all at slightly differing frequencies. Organic, squishy creatures like us can change their frequencies, and (to a certain extent) redirect their energies to where they are needed. However, this has drawbacks as well as benefits. It’s all too easy for us to disrupt our energy flow, to knock ourselves out of tune, to get stuck in a frequency which jars with our natural rhythms. When this happens, we get ill, or upset, or find things generally going wrong for us. Crystals, however, being non-organic, operate at a steady and consistent frequency. This makes them ideal controls by which to ‘tune’ ourselves to the desired frequency, and get our energies flowing as they should. They’re spiritual ‘tuning forks’ by which we can align, balance, and redirect our internal harmonies as desired. Some believe that they can also ‘absorb’ negative energies and emit positive ones.


How Can You Use Them?

People use crystals in many different ways. Practitioners of specialized crystal therapy may place the stones upon meridians of your body, to calm, balance, and direct your energy as required. Alternatively, they may recommend wearing certain crystals, or sleeping with them near your bed, or simply keeping them around your home and work space. The types of crystals you use, and the way in which you use them, depends greatly upon your own personal circumstances and the nature of the issues you need help with. For example, those struggling with persistent mental health or substance abuse issues may wish to wear something like hematite or black onyx on a necklace or bracelet, to work persistently with out-of-balance energies and neutralize stress. Those who wish for more motivation at work, however, may prefer to simply keep a block of something like prehnite near their workstation. Crystal therapy practitioners will be able to help and advise you on how best to use crystals to your own advantage.


Where Should You Start?

There is no ‘correct’ way to start working with crystals. As mentioned above, there are professionals throughout the country who can help and guide you in your crystal work. Alternatively, you could take a course in crystal healing which will teach you more about the theory, practice, and spirituality of crystal work. However, you could also start small, and work it out for yourself. If this latter approach appeals to you, we recommend starting by heading to a shop which sells crystals. Take some time browsing. If you can, handle the crystals. You may find that you are intrinsically drawn to some of them more than others. It is likely that those crystals are ‘tuning’ you to a frequency your body and spirit crave. Look up the properties of those crystals to which you felt drawn. You may well be surprised at what you discover! How you proceed from here is up to you – but don’t be too quick to discount the potential of the crystals you’re working with!