Great First Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas for 2014

by my friends at The Agency, An Exclusive Matchmaking Experience

It’s a brand new year, which means it is time for the repetitive and very unoriginal “resolutions” to take place – but let’s be honest: you’ll probably break them by next week. But, there is one resolve in particular we want to help you maintain throughout 2014 and many years to come, and that is your love life.

To start, we have implemented a list of unique date ideas to get you out of the routine lunch or dinner and instead get you competing, laughing, flirting and tapping into each other’s silly sides to get a more genuine feel for the other’s personality. Doing an activity together is also a good way to bond, even in the smallest way, and start creating memories. Not all of these on the list would make a fitting first date necessarily, but if you throw in one of these concepts within three dates, you are guaranteed to stand out among past suitors.

One cute and delicious concept is to visit a bakery where you can decorate your own cupcakes together and enjoy the edible remnants from your date even when it’s over. It also allows you to let down your guard and laugh at one another for wearing the silly plastic aprons they suggest you put on to keep your attire clear of colored butter cream frosting

If you’re both thrill-seekers or enjoy adventure, adrenaline is chemistry’s favorite wingman. Getting your blood pumping will kick start any budding affections when you two engage in a pursuit that is unique and a little daring. The Santa Monica Pier offers trapeze lessons where you and your date can let go (literally) and fly into each other’s open arms mid-air. Makes dinner seem a little monotonous now, right?

If you go on a first date at the right time of year, enjoy seafood, and don’t mind gtting your hands and faces dirty or wearing funny plastic bibs in front of complete strangers, September/October is the month for the LA County crab festival! Hoards of people gather to crack the daylights out of Dungeness Crab to delight in the gruesomely delicious aftermath. Obviously you would have to know your date well enough to get a sense of their audaciousness, as having shellfish parts ricocheting off of you in crowds of hungry people is definitely not for everyone – but someone would find this tradition fun.

For a romantic date idea that includes dinner with a twist, Sunset Ranch in Griffith Park offers a horseback dinner ride, which makes you work a horse a little prior to your meal. After a couple of hours on horseback touring scenic trails with sweeping views of Downtown LA, the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory, a romantic venue and cocktails await you at the other end. This is a unique date idea for animal and nature lovers!

Lastly, and certainly the most bold of any dinner option, would be to relinquish four of your senses and just focus on one for two hours. Dining in the dark restaurants are popping up nationwide and actually offer quite a sophisticated menu. Imagine only being able to focus on the taste of your dish and the conversation with the person in front of you, putting everything you imagine about how a first date is “supposed to be” aside. Those couple of hours can really build anticipation, excitement and intrigue. It’s also a slightly sexy way of zeroing in on their voice, the content of the conversation and the sounds around you. Everything becomes heightened, including (hopefully) the chemistry.

Whatever idea you conceive, make sure it represents your individuality and personality, and consult with your matchmaker if you are uncertain about your date’s interests or bravado. Some suggestions are more daring than others, so the concept would have to be comfortable and fun for you both. However, it’s also a great way to test the other person’s willing approach to life to see if they accept the experience with grace and humor.

Carpè diem!