Goals & Dreams Can Manifest When You Clear The Clutter!

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I have done a few blogs on clearing the clutter. When our space is cluttered and in chaos, fresh new things are blocked from coming into our lives. Including new relationships. I came across this wonderful blog post by Dorothy The Organizer that I want to share with you all.


The best way to curb your chaos, (whether it’s physical clutter, emotional clutter or even body clutter) is by reclaiming your lost goals and dreams – and using them to inspire your new life. Many of us think that January (the new year) is the only time we can set goals or resolutions. I actually love to do goals twice a year – for a couple of reasons.

To get the feeling of accomplishment and get a reality check about what I did and didn’t complete or do AND
Allow the opportunity to change course, rename the goal, or start over.
One Question Wonderment Quiz

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember what our goals and dreams were – so I would like to take you back in time with my one-question “WONDERMENT” quiz. This wickedly easy and fun exercise will help you reenergize and refocus on being the person you were meant to be. So, let’s go back to a time when we all had outrageous goals and dreams. I would like for each one of you to think about when you were a kid. Here’s the Wonderment Question: What games did you like to play when you were a young one and why? I’ll start: I loved playing with Barbie dolls – because I loved sorting their clothes and their furniture.

What about you? What games did you like to play when you were a young one and why?

Reclaim Your Goals and Dreams Today

In my Curb The Chaos Q&A session August 7th we will be going through detailed interactive goal organizing exercises. But since not all of my e-newsletter subscribers are members, I wanted to provide you with a less-structured approach to designing your goals and dreams. I find that creating your own list of answers to the following questions can jump start the process of reclaiming your goals and dreams. I’ll start you off with five examples in each section.

What are ten things I want to do in my lifetime?
1. Take golf lessons
2. Host a family art show
3. Whiten my teeth
4. Try ballroom dancing
5. Plan a weekend bike trip and stay at bed-and-breakfasts
6. ___________________________________
7. ___________________________________
8. ___________________________________
9. ___________________________________
10. __________________________________

What are ten things I want?
1. To live on the ocean
2. To be married again to a very loving man
3. A combination of a feminine and athletic wardrobe
4. A massage every other week
5. A puppy
6. ___________________________________
7. ___________________________________
8. ___________________________________
9. ___________________________________
10. __________________________________

What are ten fantasy experiences I would like to have?
1. Attend an exclusive ball
2. Stay in the best hotel in the world
3. Take a dream analysis class
4. Ride on a private plane
5. Have an amazing vintage flower garden
6. _________________________________
7. _________________________________
8. _________________________________
9. _________________________________
10. ________________________________

Declaring a goal helps you to set your intention in your mind. The next steps to turn your goals into a reality are:

Write it down
Share it
Take a small action step