Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Compromising Your Waistband

I get Suzanne Somers newsletter every morning. She has some fabulous tips how to stay slim and healthy over 40. It gets harder and harder to keep our slim waistlines as the years go by. Many people don’t know that coffee raises the insulin level, which in turn packs on the pounds. I thought I would share her latest post on how to get your caffeine fix without affecting your diet. Personally, I love a cup or two of rich, dark coffee in the morning, especially while sitting in my office at my computer, checking my email. I hate the fact that I agonize over it though. I always thought that if something had NO calories, like coffee… well…. you know.. what harm could it do? I was so disappointed to find out the real story. But I also found out that I can still enjoy my cup of joe in the mornings and still fit into my skinny jeans.. Suzanne tells us how below.

Most people need a cup of coffee (or three) in the morning to kick-start their day. I know I certainly need mine! Remember, however, that caffeine (tragically!) is an Insulin Trigger. As if that weren’t bad enough, the chemicals used to create most decaffeinated coffees — which include methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, and formaldehyde — can be toxic to your system. It seems like a total lose-lose situation! So how can you enjoy a good cup of joe in the morning? Here’s the trick to getting a great cup of coffee without hurting your body or causing unwanted weight gain:

Stick with organic coffee beans. As with most produce, coffee beans are often grown with a sizable dose of pesticides. If you can swing it financially, select organically grown coffee to avoid those toxins.
Enjoy your coffee solo. Because caffeine triggers insulin, drinking your coffee with food could give your body something to store as fat, and giving those fat-storing hormones too much to do is the last thing you want when you’re trying to get a Sexy Forever body. Drink your coffee an hour before you eat, so the insulin levels have time to drop back down before you enjoy your breakfast. Feel free to squeeze in a workout in between. I use that extra charge to fuel my morning exercise. No excuses!
Decaf-lovers — look for Swiss Water process. The patented Swiss Water process uses nothing but water to remove 99.9 percent of the caffeine from the beans; this allows you to enjoy the coffee without worrying about the caffeine affecting your insulin levels — or the toxins associated with the decaffeination process. Even decaffeinated coffees that are “naturally decaffeinated” use naturally occurring chemicals to decaffeinate, so they’re still not a good choice.

Fact is, insulin issues aside, coffee is a wonderful source of antioxidants! I enjoy it black, but feel free to enjoy it with a small splash of nonfat milk and a little all-natural sweetener. See? I wasn’t kidding when I said this eating plan wasn’t about deprivation! For many people, giving up their morning cup would be a total deal breaker. With Sexy Forever, you can lose weight, look radiant, eat delicious food, and still get your caffeinated jolt in the morning. What’s not to love about that?