Free Angel Reading


Hello all of my deep divers and magical sparkly friends…

I am celebrating the release of my latest memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It and I am thrilled to share some insight with you by way of my guardian angel, Murth.

Just purchase my book on Amazon, then forward me the receipt to: and I will send you a personalized message (what you need to know now) from Murth.

Here’s a recent message from Murth to us all:

Angels are your best friends. Soon people will be asking their angels and guides for angelic assistance on a regular basis. Angels and guides are mans friendly dream team. And remember that man is wonderful, beautiful and one piece of matter in the universe. Angels are trying to make sure that a world full of artistic beings understand that many humans are yearning for peace and love. Years of a world full of war and very hard times beg to make a change with angelic dictation and guidance. Years will pass with much anger over pollution and oppression but there will be a healing. Many people are waking up and many people are longing for a different world. ~ Murth