For the Guys: 4 Tips for the Perfect Bedroom


When you work a lot, you don’t really notice anything about the humble abode you reside in. It’s enough that you reside somewhere.

And then the weekend comes, a lady friend comes to hang out and suddenly you see your apartment—specifically your bedroom—as if for the first time. So now you know it’s time to spruce things up.

Just because you are seeing things differently doesn’t mean you should change your style, though. Make sure your new bedroom is a reflection of you. Here are just a few tips:

Tip #1: Make Your Bed Big and Comfortable

If you have a single bed and you are six feet tall, it may be time to get a bigger bed. You will obviously be a lot more comfortable having something support your feet rather than hanging off the edge. Depending on your needs, aim towards a good-quality queen or king mattress. Never scrimp on a mattress—invest the money now and you won’t pay for another one or a bad back later. Besides, a nice, large mattress is inviting and shows any guests that you live like a man and not a boy.

For the new bed, you’ll (minimally) need: a top sheet, bottom sheet, two pillows, two pillow cases and a soft, durable comforter. Take your time and look for nice colors that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Tip #2: Have Things That Make You Happy

As you’re decorating, put things in that would make you happy. For example:

  • If you are a total music geek, get a great stereo system, add a bunch of CDs to your already humongous collection and hang wall rack to display all of it.
  • If you like to read or watch TV, get a wall-to-wall entertainment center, and put your books, magazines and flat screen TV in it. Add a comfortable chair in the corner for those days you feel like reading a great novel.
  • If you’re into sports, get a hat rack to showcase all the baseball caps you have collected. Put up some shelves for your sports memorabilia.
  • If you are a movie buff, get a larger TV, and set up a wall-to-wall entertainment center to hold your home-entertainment system and all of your DVDs. (You actually might think about this if you’re into sports, too.)

Yes, this is all for your bedroom. The point of this major master bedroom overhaul is to design a room that is awe-inspiring and makes you feel comfortable and at home. This also will be a sign to any guests about what type of person you are.

Tip #3: Get Real Bathroom Stuff

Big fluffy towels for a man. Washcloths. Hand towels. Toilet paper. These are all things that every guy needs, no matter how macho they are. Go out and buy a cabinet to store everything, and keep one hand towel on the sink and two on the towel rack.

Keep a couple of toilet rolls within reach of the toilet. Guests will appreciate it—especially the ladies.

Tip #4: Clean It Up and Keep It That Way

If you leave chips on the floor when you fall asleep and then jump over them in the morning, stop. You are going to end up spending more of your money on an exterminator, than on the rest of your room. (If you already have bugs, please do call an exterminator.) A few other things to think about include:

  • Wiping the bathroom down with a disinfectant and cleaning your toilet often.
  • Running a vacuum once a week, then mopping tile floors.
  • Picking up a few of those scented plugins, and actually plugging them into the wall.
  • Keeping it classy. Put any inappropriate material away.