Dear Hollywood: Ditch These Date Movie Clichés Once and For All

Everyone loves a ripe romance and delicious drama every now and then. We understand that movie scripts have to be inflated with over-the-top clichés that make the sappy types swoon. We certainly don’t want to watch our own boring lives unfold before us on screen.

But there comes a time when enough is enough and certain movie scenarios should be buried. They no longer make movie magic. For example, the small town girl with big town dreams has been done in Footloose, Rock of Ages, Sweet Home Alabama and Coyote Ugly, among other films. It’s over.

Likewise, ditch the following rom-com scenarios and let some more realistic situations play out.

The Realization You Love Your Best Friend

The right person has been in front of the main actor this entire time. DUH! It used to be a fun scenario when Harry and Sally played cat and mouse. But since then, this cliché has taken on a whole new life and, unfortunately, deserves a place in the movie cliché graveyard.

In these movies, there’s often a mad dash to stop someone from leaving on a flight to take them to their future in NYC or London. Let’s be real, the only person who is going to get stopped is the one running through the airport. It’s nearly impossible to get through airport security without practically being manhandled these days, so chances are the plane is going to take off while the Prince is getting patted down by TSA.

The real question is: Where was the spark to begin with if a couple of adults who have been best friends for years, are single and have never gotten into each other’s pants? Get real. That means the girl isn’t into the guy in that way and never will be.

Watch these movies to dig the knife in deeper: When Harry Met Sally, Made of Honor, Valentine’s Day, Some Kind of Wonderful, Friends With Benefits and The Wedding Singer.

The Ugly Duckling

We’ll never forget the late Brittany Murphy and her quirky entry into cinematic history in the teenage chic-flick Clueless. Alicia Silverstone’s character transforms the clichéd ugly ducking into a beautiful swan who ends up gaining admiration from the entire school.

You might also remember the 1987 classic Can’t Buy Me Love starring Patrick Dempsey, a dorky high school kid who becomes popular after paying Amanda Peterson $1,000 to date him and help make him cool. It always works in the films, except in the end, everybody finds out that the ugly duckling isn’t really that cool.

But in 2015 … people aren’t so shallow that taking off a pair of glasses and putting on a little lip gloss is going to change the way you see a person. Are they? Today, the girl would probably take the money and run.

Other makeover magic movie moments: She’s All That and Love Potion No. 9

Making Out In the Rain

Kissing in the rain will forever work its way into cinematic love stories. And for good reason — it’s dramatic and sexy. And, there is an added benefit of having lips softened by Mother Nature during the torrential downpour.

But, unfortunately, if you and your lover were to have an intimate embrace during the makings of a monsoon, the reality is that there would be black eyeliner running down her face like a clown, her hair would be sticking to your mouths and part of your passionate kiss, and you would both catch colds and need to go to a doctor stat.

Rainmakers: The Notebook, Match Point, Garden State, Dear John, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 50 First Dates, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Spiderman (2002)

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