Dating Tips For Singles On The Go


Summer is a time of travel! In my work as a matchmaker, I get to hear about all of the amazing places that my clients are going. Often they send photos or video clips allowing me to share in the fun. Not only are my male clients traveling but the ladies are globe trotting as well.

This can make dating a bit tricky. Time and time again, I’ve witnessed people having to make a date a month or two out because both parties were traveling, not to mention the business of life in general. It’s getting more and more challenging to actually get butts in seats on an old fashioned date.



I was talking to my client Jake yesterday who’s a private pilot for CEO’s of a major company. He was expressing his frustration about the fact that he’s constantly on to go, hopping from city to city making it more than challenging to get any traction going once he does meet a gal he has interest in getting to know better.

Do we really have to choose work, a busy life or wanderlust over finding a soul mate? Can’t we have both? I think so!

Sharing your trip with someone new can be a great way to get to know each other.

1. Send photos of your meals at interesting restaurants, with a mini review on the food, and she will get to know what you like to eat.

2. Record a voice message and send as a text wishing him a great day, or luck with that new client.

3. Send three photos and ask her to use her intuitive powers to guess which location you’re at now.

There are so many creative ways to stay in touch and keep the interest alive until you can be together in the flesh! Here’s MY favorite thing to do when I’m away from my husband for business and get to explore a new city… I ring hubby up on Facetime and then hold the phone outwards in front of me while I’m walking. He can see everything I can and it’s like he’s right there with me!

Don’t give up on love for lack of convenience. If you meet a quality person, stick with it, get creative and most of all have fun!

Are you having challenges dating because of business travel? What have you done to stay in touch?