Dating After 50: How to Meet People

After 50 it seems like everyone is married or has settled in. If you’ve recently re-entered the dating scene, it’s hard enough to even remember how to date! But take heart, there is hope. Contrary to the oh-so-happily-married-for-fifteen-thousand-years couple, there are many people in your same boat. They’re ready to date too. Like riding a bike, dating is something you never forget how to do. Your body may feel 50, but your mind is still running like it did when it was 20.

Where do you meet people that are 50+ and ready to date? Read on for some ways to start dating comfortably and confidently.

Online Dating

Don’t roll your eyes; it’s not just for the young anymore. says that Boomers 50 and older are its biggest growing demographic. It’s not just online dating services you should check out; it’s the websites dedicated to the cause.

Pulling out all stops is the newest Tinder-for-older-people dating service called Stitch. Stitch doesn’t just cater to casual dating. It is known for its excellence in pairing people up for companionship. Whether its swing dancing or going to dinner, Stitch prides itself on having more options for older people’s dating choices than any other site on the net.

Online 50+ dating isn’t so bad, in fact, it really works. You don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out where you can meet people, so half of your work is already done for you. You can even check online when you’re out; get on your tablet or smartphone and look around at some of the sites for the 50+ crowd when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office or are waiting for a lunch meeting to begin.

Go to Class

Choose something you like to do: cooking, ballroom dancing (any kind of dancing, as a matter of fact), art, or anything that appeals to you when you think of doing it with someone else, and take a class. You will meet people and be assured that you both have at least one common interest. Schools often cater classes to the “older set.”

Join the Club

There are many clubs you can join. Book clubs, antiquing, pet clubs, and gardening are just a few. Look in your local paper or on the Internet to get resources for where to find the best ones.There are sites like where you have to be at least 45 to register. is a site that has been reviewed as one of the best for finding people your own (older) age to hang out with.

Over 50 Events

Baby Boomers have lived long enough to appreciate the finer things in life: the opera, the theater, the symphony, art galleries, etc. Local associations and clubs organize these types of events for the over-50 set. If you’re looking for someone with a thirst for Mozart, find an association in your area and take part in an event.

The first thing to do is to stop thinking about it and start acting on it. Talk to people. Anywhere. You don’t know how many people have met their soulmates in the produce section of their local market. Yes, even if you’re shy.

It may be tough to get out there and mingle with people you don’t know in places you may have never been to. Find and explore a whole new way of life and make it your own. You owe it to yourself. You may just find a companion that you want to spend the second half of your life with, and you can’t ask for much better than that.