Interview With Nikki Jade


Nikki Jade is awesome! She has a great story that I am excited to share with you.


If you are feeling Healthy, Hot and Happy then you are set to have a great life!

I believe to attain your Optimal Health, you need to stop counting calories and start approaching Health in a Holistic way by looking not only at your Physical Health, but at your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health as well.

I grew up playing Varsity Sport since my first year of high school, which lead me to set an all time record of having 12 Varsity Letters.  Being captain of the sports team guided me to be a great Leader, natural Inspirer and wise Mentor to keep the team working together smoothly with Success in mind.  All of this experience has been leading me towards my destiny of helping people Heal, Prosper and Love life again.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I soon moved into New York City – because that’s every Jersey girl’s dream at one point… Only after a few months of living there, the doctors told me that if I didn’t change my lifestyle, I would die of stomach cancer.  After having horrible experiences at the hospital of waking up mid-surgery screaming, I refused to accept this as an answer.

I screamed out to God to help heal me.  I thought, “I am too healthy to be sick!”

The problem was I was only focused on my physical body – totally disregarding my thoughts, my emotions and my spiritual needs.

God answered my prayers, not by healing me in my sleep but by empowering me with tools so I can then go and help others.  I was blessed with the most amazing mentor who changed my life forever.  He was a busy man working for the FBI and CIA to help them solve challenging cases they could not solve.  My mentor was extremely gifted at reading people’s body in order to understand what they were thinking and feeling inside.

After making a commitment – mentally, emotionally and financially – to have my mentor help me heal my body, I soon discovered that pain in the body was simply an indicator from our wise body to let our conscious mind know that something is going on in our thoughts, behaviors and actions that are not serving our highest good.  Out of this special time in my life, I received the Body-Mind Map which is one of the tools I use to help my clients decode the messages of their body and align with their truth. ~ Nikki