Interview With Dr. Marissa Pei

Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa

Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It

The kinder gentler Dr. Laura, every Tuesday ‘naturally high” noon PST on Universal Broadcasting UBNRadio out of the Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood and after only 2 years, syndicated on NBC News Radio KCAA AM 1050 every Thursday at 7pm PST.  The plethora of past Oprah guests in addition to winning many Asian Business and Heritage awards has let to her honrable moniker “the Asian Oprah”!  Her regular listeners have reached over 40,000 each week only after 130 shows, and over a quarter million podcasts downloaded!  Since the advent of the camera in her studio, her YouTube views have gone from 300 last year to 19,675 at this year. The cameras allowed her to start the first Radio for Our Deaf community series with Sharon Pierre-Louis joining as her staff ASL interpreter, and her monthly Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa, the new Asian Dr. Ruth has rocketed her on-air personality to the moon!