Dr. Jamie Turndorf

I interviewed the lovely Dr. Jamie Turndorf about her incredible journey after her husband passed away while they were on vacation in Italy.

“While we were vacationing in Italy, Jean suffocated before my eyes from a mistreated bee sting.

For most of his life, he had been one of the most famous Jesuit priests in history. He taught at the Vatican, wrote hundreds of books and articles in 10 languages!

He also founded CIRIS, the Vatican’s first and only international social research center. Out of CIRIS, he travelled the globe conducting research to determine whether the Church was actually meeting the needs of the faithful. He was also one of the founders of the Liberation Theology movement designed to fight Church oppression from within. His research, writing and advocacy changed the Church.

Since his death, he has been coming to me in spirit form.

Unlike Jean, whose life was steeped in religion, I was raised by two atheist parents. The only religion they practiced was religiously hating each other! I never went to church or read the Bible. In fact, my parents taught me to not believe in God or the afterlife.

My lack of belief was abruptly shattered after Jean’s death. To ensure that I wouldn’t dismiss the events, his persistent and astonishing manifestations–often in front of witnesses–prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the spirit lives on, relationships don’t end in death and love never dies.”


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