An Interview With Linda Deir

From early childhood, Linda Deir experienced something most of us miss – she realized that she was being “guided.”

It all started with the “merry-go-round” dream that never changed; the first memory she had in this lifetime. A dream that she had multiple times per night for the first 35 years of her life. From this single repetitive dream, her spirit guide angels made it painfully clear what her job was to be in this lifetime. It was to show others how to overcome their fears so they too could live the life they intended before they came here – before they were born.

In that dream, Linda’s spirit guide angels showed her how fear turned into pain and to get out of the pain you must first get out of fear. It was fear that set it all into motion. The fear stopped the people in the dream from experiencing new things and believing in themselves. Linda’s guides showed her in this dream what would become the biggest tragedy of our times. This tragedy is that most people will die having lived fear-based lives.

This haunted Linda and is the reason her life’s work has been helping people overcome their fears. Only then can they live the life they intended  before they got here. That’s when they discover their real purpose, realize their true value and start living a life based in passion. Once this happens your life is changed forever. From living it, Linda knows firsthand that life just doesn’t get any better than this!

  GUIDED is the only book ever written about Spirit Guides or Angels with a real photograph of the author’s Spirit Guide Angel  that you will see on the front cover of the book (taken by the author in 1994).