Clear Out Negative Energy


Hello all! My favorite holiday of the year is here. Actually, I love the whole month of October. I put my decorations up October 1st. Tis the season for everything pumpkin, witches, ghosts, Halloween candy and Ouija Boards!

I had a wonderful chat about the Ouija Board with the awesome healer, Jimmy Mack. We want to wish you all Happy Halloween and happy fall, and in the video below, Jimmy gives us all a virtual energetic tune up and clears all the yucky stuff. YES! We can get the benefits from just watching the video. How cool is that?


A bit about Jimmy:

After decades of studying and practicing a variety of healing methods, Jimmy had a near death experience in an ICU in the hospital that changed his life forever.

He was shown things and told things by spirit that allowed him to access All That Is and bring the ethereal rain that can make a difference in a person’s life.

Jimmy uses a healing technique where he goes into the Theta brain wave meditative state and co-creates the client’s healing with God/Source/Higher Power. During a session, both the client and practitioner enter a state of Theta automatically where physical, emotional and mental issues can be transformed in an instant. Even physical ailments can be cleared and healed simply by changing our beliefs. When we access the healing code and utilize the language of spirit we can alter our beliefs and our holographic structural design.


Jimmy Mack
Jimmy Mack


A little background about Ouija 

Ouija is the trademarked name of William Fuld’s most famous product. The generic terms for this type of divination device are: talking board, spirit board, and communication board. Since Ouija is the oldest known brand name, most folks erroneously refer to all talking boards as Ouija like calling all photocopiers Xeroxes or all tissues Kleenex. Talking boards are one modality used for divinationOther modalities include the casting of Runes, peering into a scrying glass, throwing bones (dice), reading tea leaves or Tarot cards, visiting the Oracle of Delphi, astrology, or simple meditation. Humans have attempted to receive messages from the beyond since the beginning of time


Though William Fuld Did Not Invent The Ouija Board He Was The Marketing Mastermind Behind The Game’s Popularity. Photo: Courtesy,
 William Fuld Did Not Invent The Ouija Board, But He Was The Marketing Mastermind Behind The Game’s Popularity. Photo: Courtesy,


Enjoy yourself and until next time!