Choose Your Work Carefully

One of my favorite subjects to explore, and problem to tackle, is how to live a life of freedom and joy. Stuck in a mind-numbing 9-5  J.O.B (Just Over Broke) has never been my idea of success. I know how challenging it can be to break away from a job that drains your energy but pays the bills, (it took me 27 years) however, ultimately, in the short time we have to spend on this earth, it is what will literally save you.

I am pleased to share a post from my friend, Linda Deir, author of :

Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

Linda’s angel materialized right in front of her one day, and she captured this photo below. Linda’s guides come through and provide amazing insights and teachings for her to share will all of us. Linda’s recent newsletter just happened to be on the exact same topic as my interview with Victor Sigrado. Perfect timing of course!


From Linda and her guides:
“You need to choose your work carefully. People say, “you are not what you do,” but that may be wrong.

The fact is, you are what you do because of all the time you spend doing it. You sleep one-third of your life and possibly work more than another third, so that does not leave much life left over. Looking back, you most likely chose that job because you needed the money.

The more you do what you do the more you become it. This is because you give it so much of your time and energy – your consciousness. Ultimately, that consciousness consumes your entire life, both personally and the work you do.

Ask yourself, “Do you have a vocation or a job? A vocation is a calling while a job feels like you’re in a prison. A “calling” is something that calls out to you. It’s gives you your unique voice in the world. It’s when you wake up every day with a passion for living.

A job just becomes the killer of your dreams. It can take years to discover your calling. You may have many jobs before you find one that’s  vocation quality or your calling. When you realize what your calling is you must follow it because that’s how you will impact the world.”

End the cycle of going to a job just to pay your bills. That will never bring you happiness or allow you live your passions.
So many people only go to their job to pay their bills. Once this starts there’s no way to stop it. It’s a void that builds inside you causing you look outside yourself to fill it, which leads to more bills. Now, you have to work more just to pay them.
Why not just quit that job if you don’t like it? You will find other ways to pay those bills.
How It Works: People say they need a job because they have to pay the bills. I’ve got good news for you – those bills aren’t yours. This is the proof. If you choose to end a service that mails you one of those bills every month what can you expect to happen? What happens is nothing. That bill never arrives. So where does it go? It never even existed. The bills you claim as your own are only there because you agreed to them. As soon as you stop that service they’re not your bills anymore. They were nothing more than momentary agreements that in most cases can end immediately. Just keep the bills that you like, the bills you are glad to get because you value what they provide. If the bills you currently have are a burden and the only reason you stay stuck in a job you hate, then get rid of that job and those bills. Only agree to the bills that support your passion for living. ~Linda Deir



I hope that you enjoy my interview with Victor Sirgado, a man living his highest excitement, choosing quality of life, relationships and experiences over  quick material fixes.

Victor, his wife and two young children, depart from their home in California; setting out on a quest for adventure in pursuit of their own dreams. Their first year traveling they nomadically, yet strategically, trace North America to see and experience new places, climates and cultures.  Embracing the roadschooling educational approach, the children will learn from books yes, but more strategically how to download wisdom from their direct and frequent encounters with life.  It’s a journey to broaden one’s thinking, to grow more, laugh more, experience more, live more…and bring to others (including themselves) the real life knowledge it takes to be self-sufficient, self-aware and self-assured.

Victor Living The Good Life!
Victor Living The Good Life!

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