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  In honor of October and Halloween, I want to share my ideas on witches. This is an excerpt from my latest memoir The Buddha Made Me Do It; A Field Guide To EnLITEnment:  On my spiritual journey, I have found it interesting that many people have a preconceived idea in their minds about matters[ … ]

As a matchmaker, I’ve been asked many times, “Marla, can a couple who has completely different beliefs and interests, really make a go of it and have a lasting relationship?” Interesting question right? My adoring husband has some strong views about certain things that I will never subscribe to, and vice versa. For instance, I’ve[ … ]

  In my latest memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It; A Field Guide To EnLITEenment, I tell the story of two years of my life. A spiritual quest, a journey, that I will never forget. Along the way, I dabbled in connecting with the other side. I became fascinated with the “Talking Board” otherwise[ … ]

  I am sooooo excited! My 5th book, and 3rd memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It, is now available. I started writing the first chapter in late January of 2015. About 15 months later, I had the completed manuscript, and then we did some more editing and additions. For while, it felt like it[ … ]

Who would have known… Paranormal Day? Ok, why not? I’ll celebrate. After all, my favorite radio show is Coast To Coast am, the late night talk show that covers all things paranormal. The host George Noory captivates program listeners with his discussions of paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, crop circles, shadow people, zombies, encounters[ … ]