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Guest post by Isabel William They say that we stop growing when we lose interest in the world around us, and it’s true. We don’t find joy in discovering how things work, we don’t see the beauty in everyday things, and we don’t want to learn any more. Losing the motivation to learn is always[ … ]

Guest post by Nina Simons It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, you must agree that there is something therapeutic about traveling to a faraway destination and starting your own spiritual journey in order to achieve inner peace. That is where yoga and meditation play the vital part and represent a tool that[ … ]

  Starting or growing your family is an exciting time for many couples and there are many things to think about to ensure you stay healthy and happy healthy during the journey. Just as you thought about your health during the conception stage, once you are pregnant, it is critical to stay on track to[ … ]

  Many of us are natural healers, which means we are drawn towards helping people and are passionate about improving their health and their physical and spiritual well being. If that sounds like you, you’ve probably wondered how to make the most of your skills and aptitudes, and one way to do this is to[ … ]

  Today’s post is brought to us by blogger Isabel William Confidence you say? How in the heck do I get that? Well, let’s start off with a first word of encouragement – you are far from alone in feeling self-doubt. In fact, even those beaming individuals who appear to have it all figured out[ … ]