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      I was interviewed on The Dr. Erin Show in West Hollywood recently. We chatted about all things dating, but with a twist.. what’s the twist you might ask? Well, serve it up with some self-love on the side! If you don’t feel good in your body, don’t like who you are and[ … ]

  It’s not easy meeting someone to date, particularly if you’re in the second half of your century. Everyone at work looks so young. Bars are noisy and chaotic. Online dating is an option, but you have to use it strategically. Read on for ways baby boomers like you can enjoy online and alternative dating.[ … ]

  In my business, the business of L-O-V-E ….. I meet thousands of singles. Many singles have lot’s to amazing qualities and lots to offer, but what is keeping them from finding their soul mate? I had a chat with dating coach, Julie Holley about that the other day… let me know what you think..[ … ]

  Whooooo weeeee! I love dating coach, David Wygant! David and I had a conversation recently about older men wanting to date much younger women. David has that east coast honesty that I find so refreshing. I was shocked at the direction he took, I had NO idea that he would go this route in[ … ]