Babies Born Addicted To Junk Food

I am such a “health junkie.” In my opinion there is nothing more important than our health. If we are not healthy, then we cannot do the things that we want to do in life. It can also affect getting into a romantic relationship. I have never had a client come to me and ask to be introduced to an unhealthy, out of shape, sluggish person. Everyone that I meet seeks a vibrant, active, healthy partner. We all know that fast food is generally a detriment to our health, but I was shocked to read this article below on

‘Junkitarian’ birth: Babies born addicted to junk food

How would you like to enter this world with a brain pre-programmed to crave junk food? Toward the realization that you are what your mother ate, the March 2013 FASEB Journal published research that suggests women who eat junk food while pregnant chemically alter the brain of their unborn child.

Eating junk food while pregnant changes the development of the opiod signaling pathway in the developing brain. This change results in a higher tolerance for food that is loaded with sugar and fat. Essentially, babies are born “junkitarian.” They need to eat higher amounts of fat and sugar in order to feel satisfied that they have enough.

“This study shows that addiction to junk food is true addiction.” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “Junk food engages the same body chemistry as opium, morphine or heroin. Sad to say, junk food during pregnancy turns the kids into junk food junkies.”

Follow junkitarian birth with billion dollar ad budgets to further entice children to crave junk food, and you have a perfectly diabolical plan for enslavement. They own your body when you are born. They capture your mind as the television and Internet babysit during childhood.

According to data compiled by the nonprofit health organization Food & Water Watch, children see more nearly 5,000 TV food ads every year, and teenagers get bombarded by almost 6,000 annually. The majority of ads target kids using gimmicks like cartoon characters and sweepstakes to make sugary cereals and hamburgers more attractive.

As children’s online activity has risen, massive corporations like McDonald’s have also designed child-focused websites, complete with video games that push the brand, that are getting hundreds of thousands of young visitors a month.

The hand off…

Once a lifetime of junk food has taken its toll, the big food industry can hand you off to the big pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma will toy around with you for a while before handing your over to the surgeons and oncologists for the final series of blows. Such is the journey of the junkitarian.

Choose an organic pregnancy

The obvious message here is to pregnant women and fathers-to-be. Were you planning on offering up your child to big food, big pharma and big medicine? Don’t do it. Live in freedom by consuming organic, non-processed food. It tastes better. It is less expensive in many parts of the world now. Consuming real food leads to better mental, physical and spiritual health.

For starters, search online for “organic pregnancy.” You’ll find immediate information and resources to help you avoid taking on unnecessary toxicity during pregnancy. For example, here are 10 organic pregnancy tips to get your mind going in the right direction.