Are You Ready For Romance?

Nykki Hardin

Today I have a special treat for you, a guest post by my very coll friend, wellness expert, Nykki Hardin.

If you are REALLY ready to attract divine partnership and fall in love, or are interested in taking your current relationship to the next level, then it is time for you to embark upon the journey of Nykki’s Cleanse. Think I’m kidding? I have a number of client and personal experiences to know that cleansing is a direct strategy for ATTRACTING and ALLOWING love into your life. Here’s how…

Cleansing opens you heart. It breaks down the walls of protection built up due to past hurts, destructive relationships, and deep emotional wounds. It frees you from negative memories and stories, trapped and unprocessed pain, the unserving programmed beliefs. Cleansing wipes the slate clean. It creates a fresh start with a new perspective, an openness to new possibility, and a desire to explore. It restores faith, the ability to receive, belief in self and in others, and restores trust in the natural process of life.

When the body eliminates physical toxins, it takes with it emotional stress and negative thought patterns. What this means is that as the stubborn lbs fall off, you also drop the extra suitcase of armor (ie: anger, bitterness, and negativity), officially waving “Sayonara” to stories and ties to attachments. Do you have any idea how AMAZING and LIBERATING it is to BE FREE?

You are LIGHT, You are POWERFUL, and you are ready to take on the world! By the way, this Confidence and Vibrance, is SEXY!! And others WANT it!! You don’t even have to solicit attention. THEY are attracted to YOU. Your only job is to receive… which you do because the scabs have sloughed, your heart is OPEN, your body is ALIVE, and you are ready to LIVE. You feel excited to explore, a desire to engage in the dance, and just when you are not looking, in sweeps Romance.

Cleansing is a sensual dance to a never ending LOVE song. It cultivates a natural vitality that is unstoppable and an energetic vibration that cannot be denied. You think I am kidding? Are you ready to LIVE? Are you ready to engage in the DANCE? Then step into my office and try for yourself. I am the Manifestation Mastress with the perfect plan. Schedule you free 30 minute consultation HERE. You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!!

Nykki Hardin is a Natural Health Specialist and the founder of Reset Self Cleanse. She has helped clients globally create vibrant health and happiness according to their own definitions and standards, and within their ideal lifestyle. Her clients experience weight loss, elimination of stress, mental clarity, and emotional freedom. She is an expert at cleaning out the body to gain energy, reset the metabolism, and experience happiness.