An Angel Walks The Streets Of Los Angeles


Be Considerate – Be Loving – Help Others

“This is for you, humanity. You have many faces. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or ethnicity, I am your servant. I am doing what I was told to do from a higher divine calling. I’m a servant of the light, a messenger. I choose to be used as an instrument for the highest purpose of all souls. I sacrifice myself to try make the world a better place. I am here to confound you, confuse you, surprise you, and enlighten you. Why? To make you pay attention. I am not showing off, I am showing messages. I am striving to bring more positivity, kindness, love, peace, and unity to the world.”

This is the message of Mandelyn Reese, a young woman from Texas who moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and got the “calling” to make some signs about peace and love, attach some wings to her back and walk the streets of Los Angeles hoping to make an impact on her fellow man.

I met Mandelyn at a workshop on how to grow your holistic business and immediately knew that I wanted to interview her for my show, Conversations With Cupid.

In a world where most of the news is bad, and violence is rampant, how beautiful to see an angel in human form standing on a street corner, showering us all with love!

Mandelyn is also an energy and crystal healer and gives angel card readings to those seeking comfort and answers.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the sparkly, angelic Mandy Reese!