A Simple Way To Attract Your Soul Mate



Is attracting your soul mate something that you dream about, but you keep repeating destructive patterns in your relationships? It can be frustrating and daunting to try to figure out what you keep doing wrong.

Through my work as a matchmaker I see singles repeating patterns and basically selecting different partners, only in a different pair of pants! In my sixteen years matchmaking, I still see many of the same faces going on date after date, decade after decade searching, dreaming and hoping to finally find “the one.” 

I was stuck in that merry-go-round myself.  I was in a cycle of being with men that verbally abused me, put me down, criticized me and tried to dim my light. But after much work and self analyzing, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the men that were the problem, but ME! Yes, happy, positive, loving, sensitive Marla, I was the problem! WHY? Because somewhere deep inside, I felt that I deserved to be yelled at and criticized. Even though if someone asked me, if I deserved to be treated that way or if I liked being put down, I would have emphatically said, “NO!” But I still put up with it and stayed in dysfunctional relationships for years, crying my eyes out not understanding why this kept happening to me. Inside I was so, sad, heartbroken and very angry.

 I had to come to that place of self-acceptance, self-love and healing and stop playing the victim.



Yes, in my current marriage of sixteen years,  with my spicy Latin lover, there have been ups and downs and squabbles and fireworks; we’re a real life Ricky and Lucy, and his Virgo OCD tendencies can have me in a tizzy at times, but the deep love and commitment has anchored us and I have continued to do MY work on ME. I’m in charge of my reactions. I can’t change his personality, but when I work on me, I notice that he’s in a calmer space as well. 


Me & Adolfo in Cozumel



So, back to attracting your soul mate:

  A woman who has achieved whole heartedness through self –love and acceptance, and has reached ultimate self -respect and confidence appears very attractive to any man.

  She has reclaimed her true power!

Once you identify the roots of old dysfunctional patterns and damage inflicted from childhood, and skillfully remove all inner obstacles. Then the gateway to self- love and acceptance opens up and your soul mate will appear.

I’ve had many conversations with my spiritual teacher, Zarathustra about this topic and the fact that many women are in this loop of repeating old dysfunctional patterns that result in losing partners.


Marla & Zarathustra Chatting About Relationships


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