A Cup Of Coffee Can Make All The Difference

I subscribe to dating coach, David Wygant’s newsletter. I like his no nonsense, east coast style. The other day this post below that he wrote really grabbed me. I laughed out loud at the way he put things, but he is right on the money on this subject.

I got an email the other day that just blew me away.

It said:

“Hey David,

When you take women out for the first time to a coffee shop, some women feel like it’s your duty to buy them coffee.

I really don’t know. What do you think? Buy them coffee on the first date or just pay separately?”

And he didn’t even sign his name, thank god. Because if HE gave me a name, I’d kill him.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

Seriously, you invite a woman out and you can’t pay for a $4 cup of coffee?

What’s wrong with you?

If you can’t afford a $4 cup of coffee, you shouldn’t be dating.

If you think a woman should pay for a $4 cup of coffee, you’re absolutely wrong.

Invite her out, be the man. Pay for the cup of coffee. Invest four dollars in your dating life.

It blows me away how cheap people are.

And this is not an uncommon email either — I get a ton of ridiculous e-mails like this from guys all the time.

They ask me silly questions about when to buy coffee or if they should open doors or how many minutes after getting a phone number should they wait to call.

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As a matchmaker, I do a lot of coaching as well, because I see the decline of not only chivalry, but basic manners and class. I have heard feedback over the years of men that didn’t even make sure that his date got to her car safely; just waved goodbye as he walked in the other direction.

Stand out in the crowd. Hold some standards for yourself. Be classy. Think of the other person. How can you make he or she comfortable, happy and feeling good to be around you? You might be thinking, “well heck, Marla, I’m not planning to see this person again, I have no romantic interest.” You know what? It doesn’t matter. Your character should stand no matter what the situation. Your class and integrity should shine whether or not you are sexually attracted to someone. We have become so single focused on getting what we want in our frantic, non stop society, where we wear being busy as a badge, I suggest taking a deep breath and doing something nice for someone else just for the heck of it.

I love this video by John Gray. He explains how to make a woman happy.

And I love this one:

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