5 Ways Make Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Feel Safer While Home Alone

According to the Calm Clinic, nighttime separation anxiety is most commonly associated with children, but can also impact adults.

Feeling unsafe is a normal, and sometimes even a healthy, reaction to being alone at night. Your defenses are up and ready to react to a potentially dangerous situation. The only problem is that flight or fight feeling can keep you on edge, unable to sleep, and dreading the evening hours while alone. But there are ways to get feelings of anxiety while home alone under control. Here are five ways for adults to combat the home alone blues.

Get a Companion

Combating loneliness and feeling secure often go hand in hand. Create a warm and inviting experience for your boyfriend or girlfriend by adding a member to the family. While any friendly pet could give them the companionship they’re looking for, a dog can help them feel more secure.

Adopt a dog that’s either already trained, or enroll them in obedience training to help keep unwanted solicitors and criminals at bay. A furry friend can also just keep your significant other warm and cozy during a night when you’re away.

Set up a Home Security System

A home security system can keep a home and loved one safe at the same time. Install a security camera system, like those at Lorex Technology, with HD surveillance cameras to feel more at ease while away. The HD cameras are also fully weatherproofed to mitigate wear and tear during inclement weather. Stay connected wirelessly whether you’re just at work or traveling abroad. You or your significant other can keep tabs on the home while nobody’s home, and ensure that the property is secure before you ever walk in the door.

Spend Time with the Neighbors

Be a good neighbor and create peace of mind at the same time. Invite over neighbors in your immediate vicinity for a cook-out, wine night or just an open house where everyone can relax and get to know each other. Offer up your services to keep an eye on things or get the mail while neighbors are away, and let them know about your own plans.

It’s also smart to recruit your neighbor’s help if you’re going to be gone for awhile. Picking up mail and flyers just scratches the surface. Ask a trusted neighbor if they would mind parking in your driveway or sweeping up stray twigs and leaves, and offer to return the favor in full the next time they’re traveling.

Have a Check-in Plan

It’s easy to stay in touch when traveling away from your loved ones, but it’s not always easy to keep on top of time zones and schedules. Use an app like Find My Friends to broadcast your location, get roadside assistance and location history. Your own phone carrier may come with location assistance and locators like Verizon Family Locator or AT&T Family Map to set-up safe spots, schedules and notification options with integrated texting.

Acknowledge Their Feelings

Sometimes just acknowledging feelings of fear or loneliness are enough to keep the blues away. Your loved one may act fearless under normal circumstances, but feel vulnerable when left alone for extended periods of time. Let them know you value their feelings, and that they’re justified. Offer to hop on Skype or FaceTime for nightly video chats, order a special dinner for delivery to their home while away, or send a gift basket to let them know you’re thinking about them.