5 Hobbies to Help You Bounce Back from a Breakup

Breaking up is the worst. Everyone has been through it, and even if you’re the one who initiated the breakup, it can still be hard. The only thing you can do now is pick yourself up and start fresh. A great way to do this is to take on a new activity or hobby that distracts you from the heartbreak.

Staying active, healthy and engaged with others will help you move on to the next chapter in your life and might even help you discover something you’re really good at. Who knows, this could be your opportunity to explore and try something new. So get up off the couch, put on something other than sweatpants and get out there!


Real or man-made, you can probably find a body of water pretty close to you. Boating, sailing, yachting, or cruising, whatever your preference, can provide a great opportunity to clear your head and connect with your friends. Relatively inexpensive if everyone pitches in, a boating trip gives you a chance to spend time with others, get your mind off the breakup and meet boating enthusiasts out on the water. Best part is, you can now get your boating license online which makes it easy to get out there ASAP.


Hiking is a great workout and can be a great social activity. There are tons of hiking clubs out there, even some for singles, which force you to push yourself to get in shape and meet new people. If you don’t have mountains nearby, join a rock climbing gym, and check out if they have any group classes for beginners. Both options will get your endorphins going and are a healthy way to kick the blues while enjoying nature.


This ancient practice is all the rage at small studios and big gyms. With a ton of class options and different class styles for every level and personality, there’s no reason not to hit the mat. Group classes force you to get out there and meet new people and practicing yoga has is not only good for your body, it eases tension and calms stress. Even if you’ve never done yoga before, beginner classes will teach you the moves and the more you go, the more confident you will feel.


From partner salsa to cardio Zumba, you can get a workout and learn some new moves at the same time. Whether you go to a gym or private studio, dare yourself to try something new and find your groove. A great way to build some self-esteem, challenge yourself to take a class by yourself or grab a friend.

Adult Sports Leagues

From kickball to softball, basketball and more, adult sports leagues are the new way to socialize on a work night. Games are fun, usually not too competitive, and you can’t help but make a few friends while playing. Round up your office, group of friends or take the plunge and sign up as an extra for a team.