5 First Date Ideas for the Unconventional Dater

When it comes to that much-anticipated first date, why play it safe with a dinner date? While it may seem like an obvious thing to do, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best idea.

Think about it. You’re sitting across from each other, trying to eat as you worry about whether or not that sauce is dribbling down your chin or a piece of spinach is stuck in between your teeth. It works in the movies—in real life, it’s often intimidating and not all that conducive to getting to know each other, which is the whole point.

Going outside of the box and getting more adventurous helps to reveal your true colors, so that you can both assess whether or not you have a real connection with the other person. Why waste precious time waiting for the third, fourth or even fifth date to discover that one of you dreams of traveling the world while the other dreads leaving the house? These five ideas based on interests are a much better way to find out if you connect on a deeper level.

An Introduction to Flying

If you’re the very adventurous type, taking an introductory flight class makes for an amazing first date. Many small airports offer introductory classes with no previous experience necessary. What better way to see how your date holds up under pressure. As your adrenaline races while you steer through those white puffy clouds, neither of you is likely to pretend to be someone you’re not, helping conversation to flow effortlessly. Then, once your feet are back on the ground, you’ll have even more to talk about.

A Scenic Motorcycle Adventure

If one of you has a motorcycle and the weather is right, going for a scenic ride offers the chance to not only get up close to your date as you hold on tight, or are held by your date, but for an especially fun adventure. Get lost on the back roads, discovering hidden treasures that you wouldn’t normally see while riding in a car. Then, when you find that perfect spot you can enjoy a romantic picnic lunch with the sounds of the birds singing in the trees and nature all around.

Of course, you’ll want to dress for the occasion, modern moto gear like jackets and boots, can vamp up the sexiness factor for both guys and gals, rather than distract from it.

Cooking Class

With all of those cooking shows on television these days, cooking classes have become increasingly popular for date night. If you’re a foodie, or your date is, skip the dinner reservations and make a meal together instead. You’ll still get to eat some great food, but you’ll also learn something, create an instant common interest as well as enjoying lots of laughs along the way.

A Round of Disc Golf

Disc golf courses can be found across the nation, and most games are free to play. It’s not super strenuous, but it allows you to take a walk with a purpose while enjoying the great outdoors and plenty of good conversation. It’s also easy to learn, played just like traditional golf but with a disc or frisbee. The rules as well as a list of courses across the globe is available via the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Hit the Arcade

Bring your best game and enjoy a little friendly competition by going to an arcade or a fair. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, Centipede or Tempest, or entice him or her with a little Dance Dance Revolution. As a bonus, when you trade in those tokens for a prize at the end of the night, one or both of you will have something to bring home to commemorate the occasion.