This mini program is geared towards single women. Marla & Toni will assist you in claiming your divinity, self-love and acceptance to finally claim the love you desire!

Here’s what we’ve learned, Once you move out and clear past wounds:

  • An energetic shift happens
  •  You learn to totally and unconditionally love and accept yourself
  • You’ll get excited about dating again
  • And magical things will happen for you. And we mean amazingly magical!

In The Claim The Love You Desire Program YOU Will Get:

With Marla:

Receive two thirty- minute energy healing sessions to clear and balance your chakras

Get a powerful guided meditation to attract your soulmate

A one hour private session of dating coaching

Receive a soul care package with Marla’s book, The Buddha Made me Do It, & a Reiki charged crystal and other goodies delivered to your doorstep!


With Toni

One 30 minute psychic reading

One hypnotherapy session to remove blocks that are keeping you from attracting the love you desire

One 30 minute clearing (quickly removes what has been blocking or stopping you from having the relationship you want)

A copy of Toni’s book, The Ever Evolving Journey For Love


I’m Marla Martenson, aka, The Mystical Matchmaker. After almost two decades as a professional matchmaker… I’ve learned a thing or two.  I know what men are looking for in a relationship and I know how amazing women like you can self sabotage… It’s common to hold blocks and patterns that keep repeating over and over, that keeps you on a perpetual dating merry-go-round. Combining my matchmaking skills with energy healing and other powerful modalities, I love helping women release the emotional and energetic cords that keep them single!


Hi, I’m Toni Greene, psychic and healer and It’s my passion and my purpose to help you get from who you are to who you are meant to be, who you want to be. Deep inside you feel an ache, a knowing of what you are possible of, if only. I’m here to help you release the “if only” and move into what’s next! “It is my mission to help as many people as I possibly can with the time I have here. I will leave as many books, tools and guides as I can so the work can continue once I leave my physical body. My purpose, my passion and my mission is to help you. Toni’s site:




What results can you expect?

~ Clear the blocks and cut the cords holding you back from love

~ Self-love and self-esteem through the roof.

~ Get clear on your non- negotiables in a soul mate

~ Energy and chakras cleared and balanced.

~ Get guidance from the spirit world & the angels

~ Feel amazing being you.


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