4 New York Dates That Will Really Impress Him

New Yorkers have everything at their disposal. While that certainly makes life more interesting, it also makes it more difficult to impress a guy you’re really into. There’s a good chance he’s already been to the trendy clubs, the hot new restaurants, and the Broadway shows getting all the buzz.

When trying to plan that perfect date to sweep him off his feet, don’t over-think things. The beautiful thing about living in New York is that nothing is ever that boring. There are always new restaurants and new musicals in New York City, so you don’t have to go crazy to be unique. Just opting for a new type of cuisine or a night off-Broadway can sometimes prove as impressive as soaring through the air in a harness against the backdrop of Hoboken.

‘Sleep No More’

Some people love it, some people hate it, but anyone who has gone to “Sleep No More” swears it’s like nothing you have ever experienced. The halls are narrow and the show is different depending upon where you walk. The show’s producers recommend you go off on your own, which will certainly be a change-up as far as dates go. Set in the old McKittrick Hotel, if nothing else, “Sleep No More” offers an intriguing historic location. Make reservations at the on-site restaurant The Heath for a romantic dinner to discuss your separate experiences once you’re done.

Trapeze School

With classes held on Pier 40 when the weather is agreeable, Trapeze School New York provides great views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty as you learn the basics of trapeze and aerial acrobatics. Book a sunset class to score one of the most romantic views in the city.

Take Him to the Top

…of the Rock or the Empire State Building. While it might feel silly to act like a tourist in your own city, you live in one of the most amazing places in the world. Many natives go through their entire lives ignoring the landmarks that make Manhattan so famous. The views from some of the city’s most famous upper floors are killer at any time of day. It’s a superb way to take in the sights, especially if your guy is a new recruit who may be more wonderstruck than the locals.

Secret Restaurants

If you prefer not to go up, consider going down underground. Like many U.S. cities, New York has an underground dining scene in full swing, if you can find it. These underground supper clubs pop up in establishments and in people’s homes, hosted by real chefs with real gourmet menus. They just haven’t bothered to go through the city to obtain permits and approval from the health department. Without proper authorization, aren’t these clubs illegal? Yeah, a little bit. But, while hosts of parties can be fined a couple grand if they get caught, it’s unlikely you’ll get pinched for enjoying a truffle too much.