4 Fun Ideas for a Fun Outdoor-Themed Date


After a long week at work, you’re likely looking forward to getting together with your sweetie and enjoying some fun. And while dates involving dinner and a movie provide a perfect opportunity to have fun and unwind, this weekend you want to change it up and do something a bit different.

Lately, the temperature outside has been perfect and will no doubt provide endless opportunities for fun and excitement. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, your hope is to head out into Mother Nature and get some much needed fresh air and together time. With this in mind, here are four fun ways to take your next date outdoors:

1. Go Off-Roading

If you both love a good adrenaline rush — and either of you owns a sporty Jeep, truck or SUV — then you’ll likely enjoy going off-roading. Head to a remote location and have a blast driving over all of the hills, bumps and dips in your vehicle of choice. Not sure where to go for a thrill-seeking good time? You can either ask friends for advice or search for nearby off-roading sites.

One word of advice, though: Ensure your vehicle can handle this type of rugged excursion by double checking whether it has the right set of tires. If they look worn and aren’t designed for off-roading, you may want to splurge for a new set altogether. For example, the Iron Radial A/P tire features a five-rib, all-season tread pattern that promotes strong handling, and its multi-ply body construction and deep tread provides ultra durability in extreme conditions. Kind of like off-roading.

2. Head to the Batting Cages or Driving Range

Swinging for the fences can take on a whole other level of meaning — that is, if you decide to showcase some of your athleticism. With that in mind, another great outdoor date idea can involve baseball and/or golf. Head to a local outdoor batting cage and cheer each other on as you practice being the next Mike Trout, Aaron Judge or Bryce Harper.

Of course, if golf is more your thing, you can find a nearby driving range, buy a couple of buckets of balls and have a friendly contest to see who can hit one the farthest and have the winner treat the other to ice cream or a casual dinner afterward.

3. Go Geocaching

Now, if athletics aren’t your thing and you’d rather showcase your inner detective skills, then heading outdoors to enjoy some geocaching will definitely be a fun and unique date idea. To get started, download the Geocaching app and look for a set of GPS coordinates in your area.

Then, drive or bike to the spot and work together to find the hidden Geocache container, which should have a wacky prize hidden inside, as well as a logbook where you record when you found it. One word of advice: In case the weather is less than ideal, be sure to wear warm clothing and shoes that can handle rainy and/or muddy conditions.

4. Find a Farmer’s Market

Spending a couple hours checking out the local farmer’s market — perhaps with your or your date’s canine companion alongside — is another great way to get outside with your sweetheart. Beyond enjoying some great sunshine and weather, you’re bound to find a bounty of locally-grown fresh produce as well as some freshly-made tasty food items, including tamales, slices of pizza and fresh-made bread, that are ready to eat and which can be enjoyed over an impromptu picnic in a park.

Have Fun in the Great Outdoors

Instead of staring at a screen watching a movie or binge-watching a TV series together, drop the remote control and head outside. By giving one or more of these outdoor-themed dates a try, you’ll likely want to kick that habit of constantly staying indoors — weather permitting, of course — and instead enjoy countless opportunities to spend time with your date enjoying what nature has to offer.