It’s Never Too Late

I have been following a really cool blog Later Bloomer. Today there was a wonderful post about some really amazing late bloomers. Here is one that I am in awe of.

(Fauja Singh, the Turbaned Tornado)

For 84 years, Fauja Singh (b. 1911) lived simply in a small Punjabi village with his extended family. Then, within a short time, he lost his wife and a younger son. Fauja moved to London in 1995 to stay with his oldest son.

Depressed and in a strange country, he searched for a reason to keep living. “I wanted to escape my world of gloom and running seemed to be the only option.”

Fauja made news when he finished the 2000 London Marathon (his first one) at age 89, breaking a previous record. In 2004, he starred in an Adidas advertising campaign alongside David Beckham and Muhammad Ali.

As a Sikh, Fauja Singh has been a vegetarian his whole life. He considers diet and attitude the secret to his longevity. “I keep my mind fresh and try to be happy from within…I run while talking to God.”

I made it my goal to push myself a bit more so that I will be as physically fit when I am his age.

What goals do you have that you want to reach?

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