Are Your High Heels Keeping You Away From Your Soul Mate?

Finding your soul mate can be a daunting task for anyone. We all have our wish list of the qualities that our perfect partner will possess. Let’s not kid ourselves, the American dream is “to have it all”, “hold out for the best” and, “don’t settle.” After all, as the old saying goes, it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man, right? But just how long are singles willing to wait for the perfect specimen with whom to hook? As a matchmaker, I often have trouble finding a match for men of a certain height. No matter what the woman’s height is, I often hear, “I don’t date anyone under 6’0’ tall. I naturally pose the question, “Why?” The reason? “I lurv my heels, and even though I am 5’7, in heels I am 5’11’ and I don’t want to be shorter than my date. Then I hope that you and your four- inch pair of Jimmy Choos will live happily ever after.
The average height of the American male is about 5’9.’ Many women are missing out on some great guys because of their height requirements. Some of our sexiest and funniest actors measure in at 5’7’ and under, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Elijah Wood, Al Pacino, and the adorable Harry Potter star, Danielle Radcliff.
A confident and sexy woman doesn’t mind if she is the same height or a bit taller than her man when she wears her heels. Actually, it gives easier access to smooching! So ease up a bit on your self imposed rules and snag yourself a soul mate!

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    Hi, I am a 39-year old short male, standing at 5’1″. Italian, brown hair and eyes. I have found my height to be debilitating in the world of dating. I speculate that women are “hard wired” to date only men that are taller than them, or at worst, equal in height. In fairness, though, I would feel awkward dating a woman that is substantially taller than I am. I think I’d be perfect for a woman that is in the area of 4’10” to 5’3″. Social dynamics strongly perpetuates that the male must be taller than the female. I realize there are exceptions. Many times I hear names like Tom Cruise, or other celebrities, as the exceptions. To me, those exceptions don’t carry merit. If I were a world famous, millionaire movie star, I doubt I’d have trouble finding a partner.

    When I couple my height with my introverted personality (if you are familiar with Myers-Briggs Personality Types, I am an INFP), I find that I can’t get any traction. My personality makes it SO DIFFICULT to even approach a woman. And even if I could, I’d be fearful of a rejection based on height alone. It is so hard to be a short, mild man. It feels as though my personality and height go against the grain of the very things that this world favors in the male species: dominance, confidence, height, decisiveness, etc. I have some of those traits, but generally speaking I am easygoing and mild. But I am very intelligent: BS and MS degree from a globally top ranking university in a technical field.

    I have tried the very well known dating sites for more than 5 years now, but to no avail. The dating sites very prominently display one’s height, and I suspect my height is used to immediately screen me out. Once I went thru the communication process with a woman, only to have her tell me my height would be the very reason we couldn’t go any further. We never met.

    So, I am considering a matchmaking service, and you seem like a great service. But it’s an investment, one I am willing to make, but an investment. My question is: Do I stand a chance with a matchmaking service? I realize you aren’t responsible for the outcome of my relationship with a potential partner, but do you think a matchmaking service could prove promising? My height is a gamebreaker; it kills me to be a short man. And to be honest, I’d rather keep my money than invest in a matchmaking service if my height will be the death of the effort. So, I kindly request your honesty.


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