Are You “Dying” To Go To Work?

I was interviewed on San Diego Living Morning Show recently and I spoke about how loving your life, going for your dreams and living your passion will make you a well-rounded person, make you more interesting and magnetizing. People will want to be around you and you will just sparkle and shine! So many Americans are going to jobs that they hate, working for bosses that they don’t respect, working with people that they don’t like and who don’t like them.

Statistics show that the most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings. People would literally rather die than to go to work. I was in a similar situation (I write about it in my memoir, Hearts on the Line) a few years ago. Working for a boss I did not respect, my right arm was in constant pain from over use of the mouse on the computer, I was exhausted from the schedule, getting up early and by the time I got home at night, I had time for some dinner, maybe get in some reading and the news and it was bed time and then drag myself up to do it all again. I began getting bronchitis that would reoccur, I gained weight, and had a general fatigue and depression. My marriage was suffering because at the end of the day, I would reach for the chardonnay, which made me more depressed and prone to arguments.

And let’s not even mention vacations… okay… two weeks per year. I am sorry, but the French have it right with this one. My girlfriend Nathalie lives in Paris and she gets a month vacation plus all federal holidays! I receive several post cards per year from exotic vacations that Nathalie is on.

Another humiliating thing was having to ask if I could come in late because I needed to go get my mammogram, or get my teeth cleaned. I felt like I was in grade school.

I finally got the courage to say “take this job and shove it!” It was in the middle of the recession, I had little money in the bank and my husband thought that I had lost my mind. I took a bit of time to heal and then started to stretch and to fly. I started my own matchmaking business, Cupid For Hire from a corner in our living room with no financial investment, I just started matching people up… and …. guess what? They paid me for it!

I know that it might sound easier said than done, but there has been a shift in the workplace and it is not going to go back. A person used to get a job and stay for 40 years, get health insurance and a retirement package. This is no longer so. We must chart our own course and take our lives and futures into our own hands. Think of something that you love to do. Something that you love so much, you would do it for free. The think of a way you can do that and charge people for it. If you can’t quit your job, you can start on the side, an hour a day before or after work, or on the weekends.

As my mentor, Les Brown says, “You have greatness in you!”

A book that helped me chart my own course was, No More Dreaded Monday’s, by Dan Miller.

Check out this video. My friend Louise got an idea and ran with it. I love it! It shows what a creative mind can do. She is living her dream.