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Considering non traditional coaching with a magical twist? You’ve come to the right place my friend.

Maybe you need some clarity in your dating, feel stuck in your J.O.B (just above broke) or want to figure out how to live a more creative life, I can help!

What makes me qualified? I’ve been a professional matchmaker for 15 years, sending countless couples down the aisle on their journey to happily ever after. I left my own 9-5  J.O.B in the dust in 2009, and started my own business and living the life of my dreams. After two devastating divorces, I healed my own deep relationship challenges and am now in a beautiful marriage with my best friend. I also broke through the barrier of fear, and finally started writing and got my first book deal at the “advanced” age of 45, and went on to write 5 books! I believe it is NEVER too late to try something new and to live the life of your dreams.

Life is WAY too short and precious to stand on the sidelines, to be weighed down with fear, or to be stuck wondering if only… I can help you to identify exactly what is holding you back and melt it away….

I have the ability to see the infinite possibilities in life and the potential in every person, and I’d LOVE to help pull that out of you so that you can shine brighter!

Now, the magical part…

In addition to the coaching, I include a 30 minute long distance Reiki/ Clearing session & a channeled message from Murth, my guardian angel. Murth gives great insight, wisdom, hope and clarity. And, she’s fun!

 With distance Reiki, wonderful results can be attained.  Time and distance are not a factor. Just as radio and television waves can be sent over distances, so can Reiki. Our creator has given us this gift for unlimited healing, no matter what the physical distance between the practitioner and the recipient.

I also put you in my Reiki Prayer Box.  I write your name and your intention/wish/goal/prayer on a piece of paper and place it into my Reiki box surrounded by crystals that I charge up with Reiki energy, asking that your goal be manifested for your highest good.  (Stones are powerful energy conductors.)

After the crystals are charged, they continue to conduct Reiki energy out into the universe for 24 hours, continuous Reiki energy being sent to you.

Each session, whether bought individually or in batches, entails a 60 minute Phone/Skype or Facetime call. We will end the session with an agreed upon action step or goal- to keep you moving forward.

Remember, YOU are Worthy!

For Crystal Clear Coaching: I offer the following Paypal options :

$85.00 when you order one session at a time
$75.00 when you order in groups of three
Crystal Clear Coaching

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