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Life Coaching

If you don’t run your own life, someone else will.
-John Atkinson

Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?
Amid all your responsibilities, activities and projects, it’s sometimes hard to see the big picture and easy to become overwhelmed or feel like you’re lacking direction.
Do you need someone to help you take your dreams and the vision of what you want to do next with your life? Do you want to get to the next level, but feel
stuck? I can help you lay out a clear path to reach your goals.


What do you need to live your best life?

Einstein once said, that “…the current level of thinking is what got you exactly what you have right now. Rely on someone else’s thinking to take you to the next level.”

While the greatest benefits can be seen from long term coaching, sessions are also available by the hour. You can pay for what you need, as you need it. I’m happy to help you find a plan that fits your life, and your budget.

What you can expect when we work together:

Personal Client Profile
Initial Life Assessment
Goal Setting and Analysis
Ongoing progress evaluation
Session Recaps via email
Additional materials based upon your situation and need.

Sometimes, you just need a little bit more. Clients are invited to phone in for extra check-in’s or brief “laser” coaching sessions when needed.

$350 per month: 4 – 30 min sessions
$95.00 for one hour of coaching to get you on track

Includes full unlimited email support and between sessions check-in.

A Complimentary fifteen minute Consultation is offered to prospective clients with no obligation. It is necessary that we speak before you book – you need to determine whether I’m the best coach to help you take your life to the next level.


Coaching Options