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Mar 16

When Surprises Happen At Work!

I have been doing a lot of radio interviews lately and I am always asked to recount some shocking or funny stories to do with matchmaking. I thought I would share the first chapter of my memoir, Hearts On The Line with you all. One of the most surprising things happened one day… Amazing Horrendously …

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Mar 04

Another Way Of Thinking

I want to share a wonderful book (you can order it HERE) that I have been reading. My friend, Israel Hurtado wrote an amazing book about Forgiveness, Guidance and Inner Strength in his book, Another Way Of Thinking. The book is inspired by the spirits that came through to share information and events of his …

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Oct 10

Write What You Know!

  I came across this video of Ricky Gervais talking about his writing process. He says to write what you know. I have been writing about dating and relationships for the past six years. It is what I know and love to write about. My memoir, Hearts on the Line just won a Reader’s Favorite …

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Sep 14


Today I am celebrating! Exactly 4 years ago today I quit my J.O.B. (just above broke) and embarked on a scary but exciting journey.  I will never forget the date, September 14th 2009, because I had to go back the next day to pick up my paycheck; talk about AWKWARD! I hadn’t planned to walk …

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Jun 18

Did You Do Your Homework?

“Marla, are you writing another book?” This is the question that I am asked on a regular basis. I appreciate the interest, and happy that if I do write another book, a few copies will actually sell, but ooohhhh the pressure! When I was in grade school, one of my favorite things to do was …

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May 21

A Year In The Merde!

Anyone who knows me, knows that books are my life. I have been a book worm since I popped out of my mother’s womb. I used to delight my parents whilst pretending to read a paperback Spanish dictionary at the age of three. I practiced my new found language skills on my father one day …

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Apr 03

A Woman Scorned

Goodreads has a poetry contest. I particularly like this poem by Joan Colby. A woman scorned sets fire to the tent Where the new wife is celebrating. Carves her name and yours into a tree Then chops that tree down with her nail file. Cages a bird and teaches it to speak In a language …

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Mar 19

Amateur Night

People keep asking me if I am writing another book. For the past six months I have been telling everyone, yes, I am working on a book of essays, a la David Sedaris and Laurie Nataro. I was so excited about it and had my first story almost finished. But the truth is, I have …

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Mar 09


Hello everybody, I hope you are having an amazing weekend so far. I want to share with you that my latest juicy memoir, Hearts on the Line is FREE today through Monday on Kindle. Just go HERE. And if you don’t have a kindle just download the kindle app for free to your computer or …

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Feb 13

Bad Boyfriends

In light of Valentine’s Day, I thought that I would share a story from my latest memoir, Hearts on the Line about a bad boyfriend choice I made in the 80’s. I am now happily married, but boy did I pick some doosies! the cd syndrome As I drive home, I start obsessing that Clarence …

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Jan 29

Don’t Let Tax Time Get You Down

Since we are in tax season and my husband and I are dealing with getting all of our receipts and logs together for a random audit, I thought sharing this post from author/coach Dan Miller’s blog, by might be inspiring and helpful. I will be taking his advice, that’s for sure! Dan’s book, No More …

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Jan 21

Just One Night……

Just One Night- The Stranger

I have a special treat for you today. My friend, the fabulous Kyra Davis has a spicy new novel, called, The Stranger. that just came out. Kyra is the author of the critically acclaimed Sophie Katz mystery series. I am a big fan! Here is an excerpt. Enjoy! The normally refined and restrained Kasie Fitzgerald …

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Dec 26

Angels and a bare boob


I thought I would treat you to a little end of the year fun. Here is a chapter from my latest memoir, Hearts on the Line. angels and a bare boob Do you have the kind of friends that when you think of them powerfully, they call you, or vice-versa? My cell phone rings, and …

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Nov 30

Fun Friday


Happy Friday everyone. It is raining here in La La Land. I love it.. It is getting me ready for my trip to Seattle. I thought for a change, I would share a couple of fun videos with you.. the first is of my husband Adolfo showing off his formidable skills on the piano. This …

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