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   I just need to get something off my chest! Whoo Hoo! Ok.. that felt goooood. Why am I whoo hooin’? Well, let me tell you…. I feel extremely blessed to be able to honestly say that I no longer dread Monday mornings, and I’ve all but forgot how to do the “Thank God It’s[ … ]

Hiya! So, I had a very enlightening chat with Theresa Reed, AKA, The Tarot Lady. I don’t know about you, but I find getting my cards read is super fun! I’ve met many people who read cards or do psychic work, and they all say that the three main things people want to know about[ … ]

  You know the moment. You’re a few dates in and you’re finally getting real — not what-does-this-all-mean real, but rather giving-the-other-person-an-unfiltered, unflattering-look-at-some-aspect-of-your-life real — and you see that familiar look in their eye. It’s the look that says “maybe this person isn’t such a great bet.” It could be that you revealed your credit[ … ]

After getting married, many couples think about the next step — buying a home together. But before taking this leap, there are many factors to consider. From financials to location and size, you and your partner should spend time going over all the details before putting an offer on a house. Here are some questions[ … ]

Hello everyone!  In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a podcast junkie. I just luuuurv podcasts… I usually fall asleep listening to a podcast. I can just imagine all of the radiation seeping into my brain from my iphone… uggg… I’m taking my chances. Lot’s of fun things are happening in my world[ … ]