Jul 30

Is Coffee Evil?


Ah, that wonderful ritual of waking up in the morning, grinding the beans and putting the coffee on. The amazing aroma wafts through the house as I fire up my computer and light a candle. I snuggle with my dog for a few minutes until I hear the familiar beep indicating that the coffee is ready. I pour the steaming dark liquid into my lucky mug and pad back into my office. It’s still early, so the house is quiet. My husband is still asleep for another couple of hours. This is my time, with no interruptions. I sip my coffee whilst reading my emails. Nice….. until everything comes to a screeching halt!

Recent research that coffee contributes to belly fat,  has brought to my attention the possible reason that I have not been able to get rid of that extra sumpin’ sumpin’ that looks so damn sexy in my form fitting summer dress. NOT! What the hell? I can’t even enjoy a goddamn cup of coffee now? Why is everything set up to sabotage me? Ok, calm down. Let’s look at the facts and see what we can do about this. I found a great video that explains a lot!

Coffee is delicious

Coffee is delicious


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